The AQUABOX comprises three simple components, a rigid re‐inforced 75 litre plastic container, a re‐useable carbon activated filter and dispensing tap. The container is filled with whatever water can be found locally and is initially strained manually through a sieve to remove solid material. Two purification tablets (effervescent chlorine release type) are then added. After 2 hours, potable water may be drawn through the filter and tap. Many of the outbreaks of disease and infection which commonly follow disasters are as a direct result of drinking polluted water and the bacilli contained therein. These can rapidly cause epidemics such as Typhoid and Cholera but can be simply and easily rendered harmless when correctly treated in the AQUABOX. Each set of carbon filter and purification tablets can turn up to a 1,000 litres of contaminated water, from almost any source, into safe drinking water.

In many regions of the world, particularly in the absence of deep‐well installations, the AQUABOX 30 version is frequently used on a longer term basis. This can combat endemic diseases such as Bilharzia.
Though simple and 'user friendly' the AQUABOX, is normally only released 'into the field' under the supervision of experienced agencies. It is always accompanied by a 'language free pictogram' manual.
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Aquabox family has the capacity to produce 2,000 litres of drinkable water. It is prefilled with 2 filter kits, 2 taps, 2 water purification tablet sets, strainer, 2 blankets, 2 treated mosquito nets and instructions. It also contains new, specially purchased, humanitarian goods to meet the basic needs of recipients

Aquabox 30 has the capacity to produce 30,000 litres of drinkable water, which is the equivalent of a petrol tanker of water. It comprises a rigid plastic container with a capacity of approximately 75 litres.

The container is prefilled with 30 filters and 30 packs of water purification tablets.

Since 1992 over 100,000 Aquaboxes have been distributed to disaster areas around the world, providing in excess of 500,000,000 litres of clean drinking water. Aquabox has helped fight disease in many countries including: East Timor; Indonesia; Sri Lanka; Philippines; Samoa; Haiti; Pakistan; Cambodia; Solomons; Papua New Guinea; Vanuatu; Nepal and India.