There are few gifts more valuable than the gift of clean safe water!

We take clean water for granted every day. In the midst of devastation and disasters, there are few gifts more valuable than the gift of clean safe water.
Aquabox is essentially a lifesaving water tank with water filters and water treatment tablets that can convert up to 2,000 litres of polluted water, making it safe and pleasant to drink. The boxes are also filled with emergency aid to reduce the suffering during the aftermath of a disaster.
Estimates suggest 25,000 children die every day from the effects of drinking polluted water. With your help Aquabox can play a vital part in minimising the after effects of disaster.


Aquabox is a Rotary Club of Eltham project made possible by the generous support of the Hallmarc Group.



Aquabox family has the capacity to produce 2,000 litres of drinkable water. It is prefilled with 2 filter kits, 2 taps, 2 water purification tablet sets, strainer, 2 blankets, 2 treated mosquito nets and instructions. It also contains new, specially purchased, humanitarian goods to meet the basic needs of recipients.

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Aquabox 30 has the capacity to produce 30,000 litres of drinkable water, which is the equivalent of a petrol tanker of water. It comprises a rigid plastic container with a capacity of approximately 75 litres. The container is prefilled with 30 filters and 30 packs of water purification tablets.

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Aquabox wishes to thank the following organisations for their generous support:

We need more funding to be able to continue this important work.








It began in 1990 with the Rotary Club of Wirksworth, UK. The idea was to combine a robust box with water purification equipment and other emergency supplies and so Aquabox was born. Since 1992 over 100,000 Aquaboxes have been distributed to disaster areas around the world, providing in excess of 500,000,000 litres of clean drinking water. In 2001 Aquabox became a project of the Rotary Club of Eltham (Australia) and the contents of the Aquabox were revamped to suit conditions in this region.